Epson launches their first 13 x 19 MFP

01 October 2020

The Epson WorkForce EC-C7000 looks like a desktop printer, and indeed it is quite compact.

Born of Epson's experience in the world of personal multifunction printers, it definitely reaches far into the world of business printing too. It is extremely versatile. This is Epson's first printer capable of printing onto 13x19 paper, 330mm by 483mm. That's the largest uncut paper format that is commonly available. Plus this machine can run off banners up to 47 inches (120 cm) long.

This is not the fastest printer available. It is far from being the fastest printer that Epson makes, even. It can hit 25 ppm monochrome onto A4, but that will probably slow with documents with substantial coverage. It is not built for speed.

This said, it runs pigment (not dye) through its PrecisionCore (cold printing, low energy) inkjet head, and this kind of ink dries almost instantaneously - so duplex productivity ought to be good (requiring fewer or shorter drying halts). It can deliver high quality printing (1200*2400 dpi) onto a huge range of paper sizes, and scan, copy and fax too.

This machine might let an organization replace their SRA3 workhorse copiers with intelligent A4 MFPs safe in the knowledge that the day they do actually need to print something onto a big sheet, they can use this one.

That is not to say that the EC-C7000 doesn't fit the desktop bill too. It has Wifi Direct and all the security required to live all alone in a hotel reception. Epson are targeting businesses wanting to bring "professional-quality printing in house," highlighting the EC-C7000's ability to print large signage onto a range of media.

Built for versatility, it will be interesting to see how it fares. All the specs will be on your DataMaster Online very shortly.

DataMaster : Epson launches their first 13 x 19 MFP

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