DataMaster and Covid19 - Keeping calm and carrying on

30 March 2020

These are difficult times; completely unprecedented.  
We hope that you and yours stay healthy.
For our part, DataMaster remains committed to delivering the DMO service and everything we do without interruption.  Your sales teams will soon find new ways to sell, and they will find DMO to be as integral a part of that process as it has always been - if not more so.  
We are committed to seeing through these changes with you.  Already suited to internet-based sales strategies and serving the connected homeworker, our services will provide you with what you need to succeed in a changed world.
Lots of things have changed forever.  As Professor Harari told the FT last week: "That is the nature of emergencies. They fast-forward historical processes. Decisions that in normal times could take years of deliberation are passed in a matter of hours. Immature and even dangerous technologies are pressed into service, because the risks of doing nothing are bigger."
Here we have all swapped to working from home, as you will have had to.  For us, it's going well.  But how are your customers faring?  Have they successfully transitioned to working from home?  As suppliers of printing and document solutions, you are particularly well placed to help your clients in the health and legal sectors, indeed in all SMEs that have neither the staff nor the expertise to manage this crisis by themselves.
When working from home, staying productive, secure and focused is of crucial importance.  Help your customers protect, manage and connect their organizations, employees and information.  Contact them to find out how they are coping with these challenges!
There is light at the end of this tunnel (however long it may turn out to be), and this light is not a train coming the other way: it is a huge opportunity.  Set yourselves up for the new future NOW!
The fear of contamination and thus social distancing will persist after we have vanquished this particular virus.  Many workers who have never worked from home before will want to carry on doing so, at least in part.  Right now, your customers need to stabilize this migration.  You need to help your customers to succeed in a secure and sustainable way.
The days of chatting at the office copier are over.  Already, few of your customers really need an A3 copier.  As well as a massive increase in homeworking, we are going to see the emergence of smaller, distributed working groups whose printing needs are even more limited.  These groups will still need a document hub, a communications platform dedicated to workflows - and a secure, intelligent A4 MFP running software solutions fits this bill.  This new business paradigm will therefore require more and more intelligent A4s.  Say goodbye to the signature book: the future is PDF/A and the virtual validation cycle.  As for you, say goodbye to your margins on A3s and get ready to sell three more A4i devices for every A3 you used to sell.
The ability to link CRM and other professional software to VoIP telephony will make it easier for all advisors to telecommute.  VoIP numbers can follow the handset around.  This change started to accelerate as soon as business leaders saw Covid19 coming:  the VoIP center of Konica Minolta US used to receive about 100 leads per month, but they received 745 during the first two weeks of March!
Communication is the priority right now.  Make yourself available.  Contact your entire CRM database and find out what they need.

Take care of yourself, and move on.

DataMaster : DataMaster and Covid19 - Keeping calm and carrying on

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