Laser-cut finishing: Konica Minolta Announces Exclusive European Agreement with MOTIONCUTTER

30 July 2020

Cutting finished stocks with a laser rather than a steel die (moulded steel to form a shaped blade) saves hours of set up time, and saves money since with "digital laser die-cutting" there is actually no die to be made at all, and less waste.  The opportunities for printshops are enormous, and in rather the same way as digital printing makes short runs economic, laser cutting plans can be stored as computer files, and recalled in minutes.  Finding a pre-shaped die for re-use, and then setting it up can take hours.

One of the digital laser-cut finishing manufacturers, MOTIONCUTTER of Stuttgart, Germany has just entered into an exclusive deal with Konica Minolta Europe.  In addition to the speed and other cost benefits that this technology offers, the specs of the MOTIONCUTTER device are pretty impressive.   
  • Cutting, kiss cutting, (micro)perforate, crease, engrave and personalize with all of these functions in one pass for each sheet
  • Delivered through a pile feeder, the sheets are placed on to a patented belt system where a laser head processes the sheets in three run modes – continuous, start and stop, or static for heavy or 3-dimensional objects
  • One of the widest substrate thickness ranges on the market – from 54 gsm (14 lb bond) up to 150 mm (nearly SIX inches) substrate height!
 In case you haven't seen laser cutting in action, check out this video!

DataMaster : Laser-cut finishing:  Konica Minolta Announces Exclusive European Agreement with MOTIONCUTTER

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